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Astrology: Celestial

Astrology is a complex, mystical subject that is often misunderstood by the general public. At Astromonica, we want to demystify astrology and improve the public's perception of astrology. Education is the key.

Our video blog provides an astrological perspective on real life. We use easy to understand, simplified astrology charts to illustrate news events and celebrity personalities.

The Astromonica site features a web series also called "Astromonica." Set in the fictional river town of New Jupiter, Iowa, "Astromonica" takes an intriguing approach to the twelve astrological signs. Have fun and learn about authentic astrology as you watch charismatic characters interact with each other.

Astromonica additionally presents unique videos, interviews, and commentary. Visit our Shop page for opportunities to purchase personal astrology items.

Enjoy your introduction to authentic astrology at Astromonica!

The Art Of Astrology

Astrology is the art of interpreting the stars. There are many ways to practice astrology. At Astromonica, we use Western Tropical Astrology, an Earth centered system in which the signs of the zodiac are determined by the four seasons. The zodiac is a great celestial circle seen in the southern sky from the Earth's northern hemisphere. This circle is divided into twelve equal areas called signs. The signs of the zodiac are the backdrop over which the Sun, Moon, and planets move. The apparent path of the Sun through the zodiac is called the ecliptic. The Moon and planets also closely travel along this path.

Central to the study of astrology is the birth chart (also known as a natal chart or horoscope). A birth chart is a map of the southern sky symbolizing the precise positions of the Sun, Moon, and planets along the zodiacal circle. These charts are calculated for a specific moment in time, most often for the birth of a person. The best charts are produced using accurate birth data - the date, the time, and the location of birth.

A Cosmic Guide For Your Life

The creators of Astromonica believe astrology is symbolic and spiritually based. Physical forces such as gravity or magnetism are not involved. God is the Architect of astrology. He designed it to help guide our lives. Humans are spiritual beings incarnated into physical bodies on Earth for the purpose of learning lessons that will lead us back to God. Thus, the astrology birth chart describes the individual soul journey.

Many astrologers agree with the creators of Astromonica as to the source of astrology but some astrologers do not agree with the creators of Astromonica. These astrologers may say the source is unknown or that physical science can explain astrology. Please note, however, the creators of Astromonica respect everyone's right to a different opinion.

A Model For Human Personality

Astrologers use birth charts to interpret the personalities of individuals. We at Astromonica believe this ability to interpret personality from the birth chart is the most valuable benefit of astrology. The birth chart reveals probable individual talents, challenges, behaviors, and preferences. Aided by this knowledge, individuals can make better choices regarding all facets of life including career, relationships, health, and finances. Using astrology to understand self and others can increase the harmony and success in our lives.

As Above, So Below

Birth charts are also used as the foundation from which predictions are made. Astrologers combine the potentials of the birth chart with current celestial movements to make predictions. The birth chart reveals the timing and quality of probable life events.

Free Will

Humans have free will to choose how to respond to life events, however, these choices must be made within the limitations of the birth chart, especially those limitations involving personal unconscious behaviors.

Using astrology for individual introspection can raise self-awareness of these personal unconscious behaviors and thereby enhance the individual's expression of free will. We at Astromonica believe a more conscious individual is better able to choose a more positive response to life events.

The Horoscope Columns

Most people are familiar with the horoscope columns found in newspapers and magazines. These horoscope columns usually feature daily or monthly predictions for persons born under each sign of the zodiac. This sign is known as a person's "Sun sign" or "sign," meaning the Sun was located in a particular sign at the time of birth. This is the basis for Sun sign astrology.

Sun sign astrology is a good introduction to astrology but its scope and usefulness is limited by its use of only the Sun in the signs. Horoscope columns rely heavily on Sun sign astrology to make predictions for large groups of people. These predictions are general and impersonal. Similar to Sun sign astrology, the horoscope columns do introduce many people to the topic of astrology. Negatively, the "entertainment" nature of the horoscope columns contributes to the general public's misunderstandings and skeptical judgement of astrology.

Astrology is far more complex than the horoscope columns suggest. Professional astrologers use precise, complete birth charts to make useful predictions for individuals. In addition to the Sun, these charts feature the Moon, the planets, and other sensitive, important components necessary for competent prediction. Because the horoscope columns do not use birth charts calculated for specific individuals, the general public should avoid putting too much faith in the predictions of the horoscope columns.

Astrologer Or Psychic Reader

Because astrologers and psychic readers are both metaphysical workers, the general public sometimes incorrectly refers to astrologers as "psychics."

Pure astrology does not use anything psychic. This means the astrologer's work relies solely on a thorough evaluation of celestial data (most often the birth chart) performed in consideration of the client's individual situation. The astrologer (similar to an accountant, doctor, or any professional consultant) then renders an opinion to the client, without using any psychic means.

Many astrologers are simply intuitive or very sensitive to people. However, some astrologers do have psychic ability and do use this ability in their work. Bottom line when hiring a "psychic astrologer," be sure to determine if you are hiring a person who is primarily a psychic, primarily an astrologer, or a balanced blend of both.