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History of the Fictional City of New Jupiter

New Jupiter
October 2, 1805
12:31 pm LMT
New Jupiter, Iowa
Birth Chart

New Jupiter

The City of New Jupiter was founded in 1805 by a group of idealists who wanted to use astrology to enhance their lives. They chose a birth chart for New Jupiter that would support harmony, success, tolerance, and innovative social consciousness.

Situated on the banks of the Mississippi River in Southeastern Iowa, New Jupiter began as a natural port for moving a wide variety of products and commodities for the young nation of the United States of America. Also early on, the open-minded, original thinking city founders established a first class, private education system. Today, the schools at New Jupiter attract students and educators from around the world.

All New Jupiter schools teach astrology and all students are required to study the basics.

New Jupiter began as a small, remote river town of 100 residents. Now in the early 21st Century, New Jupiter has grown to a diverse population of 50,000 people. The majority of the current generation of New Jupiter citizens supports astrology and continues the tradition of using astrology for happy and healthy living. However, a few citizens choose to rock the astrological boat...